Gtuner Pro

Gtuner is the main software for programming, updating and configuring your device. It gives you access to everything from a IDE for GPC Script Development, GPC Script Sharing, GamePacks, Button Remapping, Macro/Combo Capturing, Plugins and so on.

File Size: 38.5 MB
Device Compatibility CronusMAX and all Legacy Devices
System Compatibility Win8, Win7, Vista, WinXP
2014-08-03, Ver 3.06B (NEW CRONUSMAX EDITION)
With Gtuner Pro probably the most noticeable difference is the Online Library and Programmer user interface update, which is now much cleaner and matches the theme of the CronusMAX website. There is also improvements to the software algorithms, bug fixes, misspelling fixes and an extended API for Gtuner plugins. There is also a brand new installer that includes all plugins and a brand new updated Users Manual.

Along with the brand new Gtuner Pro there is also new versions of all available plugins (MaxAim, MaxRemapper, Combo Magick and GameREC). The Combo Magick 1.80 can now capture twice as many commands. GameREC 1.70 can now loop your recorded commands as many times you wish. And both MaxAim 3.20 and MaxRemapper 1.20 received minor improvements and bug fixes. You may also notice there have been many updated default settings to MaxAim and MaxRemapper.

Thanks to success of Xinput by staff member Misadri, there is also the new MaxAIM DI v4.00 Plugin. Play PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 games with keyboard, mouse, steering wheel, driving wheel, flightstick, fight stick, joystick and so on. With the new Direct Input feature of MaxAim DI you can now use any game controller of your PC through the Direct Input interface. This includes steering wheels, driving wheels, flightsticks, fight sticks, joysticks, etc. Just bind the Direct Input entries to the MaxAim DI controller layout and you are ready to go!

There have also been many GamePacks added for CronusMAX users (29 in all) including Titanfall, Destiny, Battlefield Hardline and Bioshock Infinite. Many more are in production as we speak due to our new opensource GamePack policy.

New firmware update (v1.62) is also available.

Remember only to ever install software from our website and no where else – there are many competitors out there who do not like our success, including previous CONTRACTED members of our team and unfortunately they will say and do anything to get you not to support us. You get everything as promised here and more. Unlike others we won’t con you into paying a silly $7 upgrade fee.

We hope you enjoy this release – we have MUCH going on right now – our ‘Dream Team’ of developers are rocking hard :)

Note 1: When installing Windows 7/8 Users may get a smartscreen filter popup when running for the first time – just click on Options > Run Anyway.
Note 2: Click HERE if you want an easy tool to completely remove all traces of the old Gtuner files so you can start fresh.

2014-07-02, Ver 2.26 BETA REV 003
* Update loops fixed
* Added support for v1.6x fw

2014-07-01, Ver 2.26 BETA REV 002
* Support for new version CronusMAX
* Fixed E2 errors by patching many unnecessary IP changes
* Netcode: Much faster server data structure
* Documentation updates (Gtuner section, Device Options, GamePacks, etc)

2014-04-07, Ver 2.25
* Fix: Recall window position and size in multiple monitor environment
* Support for firmware version 1.55+
* IP protection improvements
* Some misspelling fixes

2014-03-21, Ver 2.20
* Added support for Playstation 4 console
* Plugin Manager: Install/Update OS privilege escalation (does not need run as admin anymore)
* Device Options: Automatic output protocol now also includes PS4 and XB1
* Documentation updates (Usage Overview, PS4 Support, Device Options, Limitations, etc)2014-03-19, Ver 2.18
* Device Monitor: Fix PS4_TOUCH background color
* Device Options: Added “G8 Alternate” option to slot switch remote control
* Force run-time locale to ‘C': minimal ANSI conforming environment
* Some run-time parameters are shown in compiler output panel at initialization
* Links to Gtuner website changed to from to
* Online library and Publish Script pointing to the new server

2014-02-24, Ver 2.17
* Device Options: Rumble flow control now also has effect on DS4 controllers
* Added enable/disable device speed up settings
* Fix: Memory Leak
* Improvements on threads management
* GPC: Added function ‘get_battery’
* Documentation updates

2014-01-14, Ver 2.16
* All references to ModPack were changed to GamePack

2014-01-12, Ver 2.15
* Added ModPack configuration interface
* Stop the Online Library Banner to reload it self every 60s
* Documentation updates (ModPack Cfg, CoD:Ghosts, MaxAim:Finding game deadzone)

2013-12-21, Ver 2.10
* Plugin Manager: Fix locale conversions on version check (decimal separator dot/comma)
* Firmware Update: Recovery mode (enable re-flash the firmware after an updating fail)
* Documentation updates (Firmware Recovery, DS4 Wireless, CoD:Ghosts ModPack)

2013-12-09, Ver 2.08
* GPC: Added support for XB1 rumbling triggers (RUMBLE_RT, RUMBLE_LT)
* Added support for XBox One console
* Added DS3 BT rumble flow control+ (plus) option
* Plugin Manager: Background color (green: installed, red: need update)
* Documentation updates

2013-12-04, Ver 2.07
* Added support for Xbox One controller (wired mode)
* Documentation updates

2013-11-19, Ver 2.06
* Create a folder in user space if the installation folder has no writing permission
* Requires administrator privileges to update Gtuner
* Documentation updates

2013-11-11, Ver 2.05
* Added support for Dualshock 4
* GPC: Added function ‘ps4_touchpad’ and the constants PS4T_P1, PS4T_P1X, PS4T_P1Y,
PS4T_P2, PS4T_P2X, PS4T_P2Y to read the PS4 touchpad extra information

2013-10-30, Ver 2.04
* Fix: Downloader threads concurrency

2013-10-26, Ver 2.03
* Build-in documentation completed

2013-10-20, Ver 2.02
* Some miss speling fixes
* Monitor: Doubled data report samples
* Monitor: Doubled plot area resolution
* Fix startup avaliable plugins listing

2013-10-11, Ver 2.01
* Additions on build-in documentation

2013-08-08, Ver 2.00 **
* GPC Fix: Bit functions was not recognizing a function argument as variable
* Check write permission in Gtuner.exe folder, if denied the cfg is saved in user’s folder
* Plugin API: Added “Create Script” operation, used by Remapper plugin
* Plugin API: Added “Compile Script” operation, used by Remapper plugin
* Options: Selection of initial page
* Minor improviments on Online Library Panel/Engine
* Added Plugins Open/Close keyboard sortcuts
* Improviments on software and firmware updating procedures
* Plugin API: Added “Get main HWND” operation
* Plugin Manager **
* Compiler output panel is now resizable
* Programmer Panel (to manage Scripts, Remappings and ModPacks)
* Added build-in help file

2013-02-12, Ver 1.22
* Added more advanced rumble over bluetooth options

Ver 1.21
* Fix small bug in downloader thread routine

Ver 1.20
* GPC: Added “data” segment structure
* GPC: Added functions to access “data” segment: dchar, dbyte, dword

Ver 1.16
* Compiler menu option to export GPC Bytecode
* GPC: Added functions get_slot and load_slot (load_script deprecated)
* GPC: Added bit operations: set_bit, clear_bit, test_bit, set_bits, get_bits
* GPC: Added special persistent variables – SPVAR_1 ~ SPVAR_16 (private per slot)

Ver 1.15
* GPC: Added persistent variables (PVAR_1, …, PVAR_16)
* GPC: Added functions get_pvar and set_pvar to access the persistent variables
* GPC: Added functions set_ledx and get_ledx
* GPC: Added rest of division (%) operator
* GPC: Added user defined ‘functions’
* GPC: Added functions get_console and get_controller
* GPC: Added logical XOR operator (^^)
* GPC: Added ‘array’ type
* GPC Compiler: Report stack memory usage
* GPC Compiler: Code optimization on GPC variables initialization
* Non continuous bytecodes storage into devide’s slots
* Fix minor bug on new update releases checking
* Added support for the GPP family devices

Ver 1.14
* GPP Monitor: Now remembers the last selected output protocol
* Improvements on “downloader” thread stability
* GPC: Added ability of use numbers on remap and unmap statements
* Fix: Correct warning messages when compiling more than one script at same time
* GPC: Fix NULL tokens references of defines statements
* Plugin API modified to meet new requirements
* Improvements on multiple instances checker
* Several grammar fixes

Ver 1.13
* Device Options: Added “Automatic DS3 Pairing” option
* Optimizations on manual DS3/SixAxis pairing procedures

Ver 1.12
* Device Options: Added option to remember last used script

Ver 1.11
* GPC: Removed the parameters deadzone and cutoff values from “sensitivity” function
* GPC: Added “deadzone” function (with support to rectangle and circle shapes)
* GPC: Added “DZ_CIRCLE” identifier, to be used with “deadzone” function
* GPC: The use of constant ‘REMAP NULL’ (deprecated) now only generates a warning, instead of an error.
* SW and FW Update Wizards: show versions in decimal format

Ver 1.10
* GPC: Added “unmap” statement and “ALL_REMAPS” identifier
* GPC: Removed the identifier “REMAP_NULL” (use unmap instead)
* Plugin Manager and Plugin API. Reformulated to match with Direct Access API
* Better format to show versions of the SW and the FW
* GPC: Added CEMU_EXTRA[1~6] statements (to use with ControllerEmu)

Ver 1.09
* SW: Added command to erase all scripts on GPP device (menu Tools -> Erase all scripts on GPP)
* SW: The command “Write Project” is now named “Store scripts into GPP” (describes better the operation)
* SW: More grammar mistakes fixes (if you found one please notify us)
* SW: Better positioning of some dialog windows and message boxes.

Ver 1.08
* GPC: Added “isqrt” and “stickize” functions
* SW: some grammar mistakes fixes
* SW: IPC Server cleanup on exit
* Optimization on downloader thread

Ver 1.07
* GPC: Added “inv”, “pow” and “wiir_offscreen” functions
* Editor: Indentation now use space characters (instead of tab)

Ver 1.06
* Added support for Wiimote Classic Controller and Classic Controller PRO
* GPP Monitor: now only show the entries of Wiimote extensions if it is attached
* GPP Monitor: added Debug Fields: TRACE_[1~6] * GPC: Added constant REMAP_NULL (and sintax highlight to NOT_USE REMAP_NULL FALSE) TODO: update plugins
* GPC: hability of use defines on remap statements.

Ver 1.05
* GPP Monitor: Added Hotkey to pause plot (Pause key)
* GPP Monitor: Remember window position for current execution
* Plugin API: pluginInit -> software version argument
* Plugin API: Added “Open GPP Monitor” command
* Plugin API: Added “Close GPP Monitor” command
* Application <-> Plugin manager thread IPC optimizations


The firmware is a set of instructions stored in the read-only memory (flash) of the device, which determines how the hardware should works. The firmware updates are intended for fixing bugs, performance improvements and adding new features to the device.

Version 1.62
Release Date 03 August 2014
Device Compatibility CronusMAX & All Legacy Devices
Some users are reporting E2 errors when updating to 1.6x. This is affecting many GPP, Cronus-X and CronusMAX users.
If you have this problem click here for instructions on how to downgrade and reset.
2014-08-03, Ver 1.62
* Better Gtuner Pro v3.x (NEW CRONUSMAX EDITION) Compatibility2014-07-03, Ver 1.61
* Fix more E2 errors

2014-07-01, Ver 1.60
* Recovery firmware updated
* Fix more E2 errors
* Fix FU LED bug
* Optimized speed

2014-06-06, Ver 1.59
* Fix: Gtuner connection data synchronization
* L2CAP BT layer: reliable s.i.g. reconstruction
* E2 error double checking, minimize false positives
* Fix E2 error occurring with some devices2014-05-11, Ver 1.56
* Fix: Playstation 4 D-Pad UP-LEFT mapping
* Proper PCPROG USB device identification
* IP protection fixes

2014-04-07, Ver 1.55
* Support for PlayStation 4 console (buttons, analogs, rumble, touchpad (no swipe yet), sensors)
ATTENTION: A DualShock 4 with USB cable is required for authentication!
* Added PS4 Authentication request LED visual feedback
* Added support for Horipad 4 (+ PS4 Auth)
* Added support for X-Rover Gun Receiver
* Output Protocol detection: Full automatic mode (PS4, XB1, PS3, XB360)
* Added “G8 Alternate” option to slot switch remote control
* IP protection improvements

2014-03-27, Ver 1.50 BETA
* Initial PS4 Support added – limited released to testers

2014-02-24, Ver 1.44
* Firmware generated with lastest AVR GCC compiler (ver
* Fix and optimization of “Remote Control” feature
* Added device speed up settings (Inframe Out, Inframe In, 1ms Response Time, DS4 BT Boost)
* Universal XBox One compatible controllers recognition (not VID:PID hard coded)
* Added XBox One DIGITAL LT and RT signal parse (common used in fightsticks)
* GVM: Added get_battery function2014-01-16, Ver 1.43
* Bluetooth Stack – HCI: Re-inialization of TD when Bluetooth resets
* USB Host: Proper DataOverRun error handling
* USB Host: PDT packet toggle update and check
* BT Rumble Flow Control option for Dualshock 4
* Some Dualshock 4 BT protocol tweaks
* Added support to ASUS BT dongles

2014-01-01, Ver 1.42
* USB Device: Disabled early checking and sending (was causing some random freezings)
* USB Host: ATL+SOF interrupts only for Dualshock 4 wireless mode

2013-12-22, Ver 1.41
* USB Host: Automatic USB endpoints setup (Configuration Descriptor)
* USB Host: Added XIM3 compatibility mode
* USB Device: Fix XBox One Guide button when running plugins
* USB Device: Force all endpoints IN interval to 1 frame == fastest output rate
* USB Device: Early checking and sending (if available) of data reports

2013-12-21, Ver 1.40
* Firmware Recovery Mode (enable re-flash the firmware after an updating fail)
* USB Host: Enabled ATL+SOF interrupts == full utilization of all USB frames
* Bluetooth Stack – HCI: applied a 40ms waiting between each inquiry scan
* Bluetooth Stack – L2CAP: More robust reconstruction of segmented data
* Added a CRC32 generator based on lookup table (for DS4:BT outgoing packets)
* DS4 Battery level report over USB connection
* Dualshock 4 wireless support (LED Bar + Rumble + Touchpad + Sensors + Battery)

2013-12-10, Ver 1.39
* USB Device: XBox One bumpers fix
* USB Host: Improvements on XB1 authentication algorithm
* USB Host: Permanent XB1 console/controller auth passthrough

2013-12-09, Ver 1.36
* Added support for XBox One console
* GVM: Added support for rumbling triggers of XBox One controller
* Fix DS4 accelerometers Y and Z signals
* Added DS3 BT rumble flow control+ (plus) option
* GVM: Fix on get_controller function
* USB Device: Core engine optimizations

2013-12-04, Ver 1.35
* Added full support for Xbox One controller (USB)

2013-11-25, Ver 1.34
* Extended implementation of HCI protocol
* Dualshock 4 LEDs and Rumble support (still missing battery level)

2013-11-19, Ver 1.33
* PS2 back compatibility mode support on Fat PS3

2013-11-11, Ver 1.32
* USB Host, correct USB polling time for supported devices
* USB Host, Double buffer for controllers input data
* Added support for Dualshock 4

2013-10-11, Ver 1.31
* Manufacturer and Product USB strings changed
* Added extra check on device serial number
* Added support for Wii U Pro Controller (RVL-CNT-01-UC)
* Core tweak: Data flow latency decrased by half (instant response)
* Bluetooth rumble default changed to FLOW CONTROL
* Bug Fix: LED update on Bluetooth FLOW CONTROL

2013-08-08, Ver 1.30
* Wiimote Motion Plus authentication fix (RVL-CNT-01-TR)
* GVM: Added bit operations to be used with function arguments

2013-02-27, Ver 1.23
* Erase data now also erases all persistent variables

Ver 1.22
* GVM: Fix, reset_leds should stop set_ledx
* USB Host: Fix ATL index to its EP data structure
* Rumble over Bluetooth re-enabled
* Added more advanced rumble over bluetooth options (check software update)

Ver 1.21
* GVM: Added support to “data” segment
* GVM: Added functions to access the “data” segment: dchar, dbyte, dword

Ver 1.20 (Major changes**, need SW update)
* GVM: Added functions get_slot and load_slot (load_script deprecated)
* GVM: Added bit operations: set_bit, clear_bit, test_bit, set_bits, get_bits
* Added support for “third-party” USB controller chip**
* GVM: Added special persistent variables – SPVAR_1 ~ SPVAR_16 (private per slot)

Ver 1.17
* Implemented random ID to enable multiple GPPs on PS3
* Restore USB EndPoints bInterval to the original value
* Added support for PS3 HID controllers (tested with Hori Fighting Commander 3 PRO)
* Improvements on the USB Host engine
* Temporarily disabled “rumble” over Bluetooth in favor of performance (latency).

Ver 1.16
* More VM stack memory 128 words
* GVM: Added rest of division (%) operator
* GVM: Added persistent variables
* GVM: Added functions set_ledx and get_ledx
* GVM: Added user defined ‘functions’
* GVM: Added functions get_console and get_controller
* GVM: Added logical XOR operator (^^)
* GVM: Added ‘array’ type
* GVM: Optimized initialization of GPC variables
* Non continuous bytecodes storage into devide’s slots

Ver 1.15
* Fix wireless controller disconnection due high polling rate

Ver 1.14
* Fix Wiimote Nunchuk extension analog Y direction

Ver 1.13
* Improvements on the USB Host engine
* Added support for Datel XBox 360 controllers
* Fix Wiimote extensions initialization (after wiimote with MP)

Ver 1.12
* Fix Player LED on Xbox 360
* Added support for Wiimote with Motion Plus Inside (pair with SYNC button)
* Add support to PS3 Navigator Controller (as being a DS3)
* DS3/SixAxis auto pairing default value now is ON
* Fix: Wiimote Nunchuck analog stick normalization
* Fix: Device display status after erase bytecodes
* Added Cronus Device Model
– Added header file to define device model (GPP or Cronus)
– Added MANUFACTURER and PRODUCT USB Strings for Cronus
– Added USB PID for Cronus

Ver 1.11
* Added “Automatic DS3 Pairing ” option
* Optimizations on manual DS3 pairing procedures
* Now it is possible to have more than one PS3 controller paired with the GPP at same time, but only one can be connected at a given time.

Ver 1.10
* GVM: Added option to remember last used script
* Added checking of BT address on DS3 pairing procedure
* Fix L2CAP Bluetooth protocol to work with the new revision of Dualshock3 (A1)

Ver 1.09
* Device Output: Only perform “denormalization” if it is necessary (e.g. when there is a console connected)
* GVM: Removed the and parameter from “sensitivity” function
* GVM: Added “deadzone” function (with support to shapes rectangle and circle)

Ver 1.08
* Device Output: Set USB bInterval to 1 (ms), for both PS3 and XBox360
* Device Output: Fixed the intermittent data overwrite when working on high update rate
* Optimizations on PS3 denormalization code, now the PS3 and XBox 360 have similar output rate (over 900/s).

Ver 1.07
* GVM: Added “unmap” statement (Needs ver1.10 or higher of the software)
* Fix the Wiimote IR initialization procedure

Ver 1.06
* XBox360 Controllers: Now ALL input reports are processed (before had a pontual situation where a report may be discarded)
* XBox360 Wireless Receiver – Initialization: Now is checked if there is a wireless controller already connected
* The XBox 360 Auth Algorithm now runs independently of other routines
* DS3 with cable: Bug fix on turning off the controller when the console turns off
* USB Host: Increased the rate frequency of getting data from controllers (IN)
* USB Host: Now respecting the Endpoint[OUT] Interval of XBox360 Controllers
* USB Host: Optimization on sending tokens
* Now the rumble data are sent to XBox360 controllers only if it has changes (for a better conversion of protocol between PS3-Console and XBox360-Controller)

Ver 1.05
* Bug fix on XBox 360 Authentication Algorithm
* Added checking of buffer overflow on XBox 360 Auth Algorithm (display will show ‘S1′)
* Less strict verification to validate input reports of XBox360 wired controllers
* Endpoints numbers for XBox360 wired controllers are not anymore hardcoded
* Changed the way of blinking the LEDs on XBox Controllers
* Check the compatibility of the bluetooth adapters through the information of USB descriptors
* USB Host: Added retry attempts on getting response from device

Ver 1.04
* Added ability to clean up all stored bytecodes (scripts) in flash memory
* Checking the device class to identify a XBox 360 Controllers, XBox 360 Wireless Receivers and Bluetooth Adapters. Previously this was being done by the hardware ID (VID:PID)

Ver 1.03
* Wiimote IR tracking improvements
* GVM: Added “isqrt” and “stickize” functions
* Battery report fix
* A more generic algorithm for XBox 360 Authentication
* Support to thirty-party XBox360 controllers (HID: 1BAD:5500) [XBox360 Auth]

Ver 1.02
* Security check improvement on Build and Run
* Wiimote IR: Remember last position when Off-Screen
* GVM: Added “inv”, “pow” and “wiir_offscreen” functions

Ver 1.01
* Applying calibration on accelerometers data
* Better normalization of accelerometers data (25% = 1G)
* Optimizations of supported devices structs and algorithms
* Added support for Classic Controller (PRO)
* PC report now include Wiimote extension information
* Debug: Trace Fields
* Optimizations of the I/O Data Report
* Pre-processing on Wiimote IR Data
* Fix Wiimote battery level conversion

CronusMAX Firmware Downgrade Tool

Now you can fix all of those Error 8 / E2 errors and flash any version of firmware without having to install an older version of Gtuner.

Version 1.01
Release Date 11 August 2014
File Size: 1.9 MB
Number of Downloads: 5,613
Device Compatibility CronusMAX and all Legacy Devices
System Compatibility Win8, Win7, Vista
2014-08-11, Ver 1.01
* Initial release

Now you can fix all of those Error 8 / E2 errors and flash any version of firmware without having to install an older version of Gtuner.

If you have an E2 error simply press the reset button until the LED shows P and then hit the “1 Click Recovery” button and you will be downgraded to the 1.44 firmware and your CronusMAX will be working within seconds.

Then simply upgrade to the latest firmware (currently 1.62) using the Gtuner v3.06B CronusMAX Edition

Supports: Windows Vista, Windows 7 x86 & x64, Windows 8 x86 & x64, Windows 2003, Windows 2008.


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5: Download

Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012: Download

Dedicated Support Forums: Link

2014-08-11, Ver 1.01
* Initial release

  • Rating

    10 / 10 here !

    If you own a ps3 and prefer an xbox controller, or even use a keyboard and mouse, this is a must to remap your keyboard to a controller. Go buy it now you won't be disappointed !

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    Amazing device

    If you're like me and love your PS4 controller but want to use an Xbox One GET THIS you won't be sorry.

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    Worth every penny

    The controller feels and performs as it does on the xbox right there on my ps3, awesome job guys, and worth every penny !!!

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    Amazing Macro combos

    tested Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. I was able to perform normal & FADC combos with some characters like Ryu and Ken with a single click. Amazing.

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    As good as a XIM

    If you are a pc gamer, that needs a pc solution for console, get yourself a ControllerMAX you will not regret it.

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    KB & Mouse RULES!

    All I can say playing 10 minutes with ControllerMAX properly configured it felt better then PC....YES I said it even better then PC, it's that smooth.

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    Six-Axis 360!

    WOW! I can finally get that six-axis awesomeness on my Xbox 360. The best money I ever spent.

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    Beats all rapidfire mods

    I've tried the Intensafire, Godfather even the new Wolf controller. The ControllerMAX beats them hands down and no wires or soldering too. 5 Stars!

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    Just perfect!

    I can't believe how much this can do for the price tag - it blew me away. Best controller upgrade ever.