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    I have written this for all those guys who need super specific step by step instructions. I have tried to add absolutely everything in order to get you up and running in the fastest possible time. Forgive me if I seem to be over complicating the process by describing things such as USB cables, but you would be amazed by how many questions we get regarding the simplest most basic things. Hopefully this will help everyone.

    The first thing to do before ANYTHING is to make sure that Gtuner is installed correctly and is updated to the latest version and that your CM is also updated to the latest version. This is Step 1 and should be done before you do ANYTHING else. It will also determine that everything is working correctly before you even touch a controller.

    To connect the CM to your computer you will need a Mini USB cable. Make sure this cable is working for data and not just charging. The #1 issue users have is that the USB cable that they are using is for charging cell phones and not for data transfer and they think the CM is faulty. See this page that shows you all that you need to know about the I/O of your CM. The Mini USB cable connects to the PC PROG port (4) on the CM, you do not connect the output USB socket (5) of the CM to your PC when programming.

    1. Download Gtuner from here

    2. When installing to Windows 8 you may see a SmartScreen error - just ignore it and install (Click More Info > Run Anyway), Microsoft security throws up more false positives than a baby on a pea soup diet.

    3. To check that everything has installed correctly and Gtuner is interfacing with our server, the Online library should be showing the latest community uploaded GPC scripts and the banner on the right will appear (we use this to show you our latest updates). If you can see everything you are good to continue to the next step. If not then you have some AV software or firewall blocking access. I know that tools such as Malwarebytes causes issues. This is something you will have to solve yourself as it's a problem with your computer and not Gtuner. Do not continue until your Gtuner looks like the "Good Connection" image below.

    If you have no AV tools causing this then there may be a write permissions problem with your Windows setup. To get around this copy your Gtuner folder from the installed location (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Gtuner) to your desktop and try again.

    4. Gtuner has a built in update option that checks if you have the latest version of Gtuner software or CronusMax firmware installed (again, you need to be online). An update usually brings new features, improvements, and bug fixes.
    The update procedure is not performed automatically, simply select the Tools menu and you will see the options to update gtuner or the CronusMax firmware.

    5. Gtuner Update. Select Tools > Gtuner Update. If you have the latest version it will say that there is no update needed.

    If an update is required it will tell you what the latest version is and you will be prompted to download, so click next to download and then click update. Gtuner will restart and you will see that it is now the latest version.

    6. ControllerMAX Firmware Update.

    You must first connect your CM to your PC via the PC PROG port and a Mini-USB cable (this must be a full data cable and not a charging cable. 9 times out of 10 when a CM will not update it is because of a bad USB cable, so if you have problems, try another mini-USB Cable. We have had customers with 5 cables and only 1 of them worked properly - there are many poor quality / power only cables out there that are useless for this kind of operation.

    Click Tools > Firmware Update. If your CM is up to date with the latest firmware you will see a screen that looks like this:

    If you have an outdated firmware then you will be greeted by this notice:

    Depending on how old the firmware is it will either just update straight away or kick your CM into Firmware Recovery Mode. I will show the Recovery Mode steps.

    As you can see Gtuner has detected the latest version of firmware but cannot recognize the firmware on the CM, so it will act as if it's blank and will program a recovery firmware. Click Next.

    The Recovery Firmware has now downloaded. Click Next to program.

    Now unplug the USB cable from the CM and then reconnect. The following screen will pop up. Click OK.

    Gtuner has now detected that the CM is programmed with the special Recovery Firmware and will update to the latest version found online. Click Next.

    The CM is now flashed with the latest firmware. Click Finish.

    To check if everything is working correctly simply goto Tools > Firmware Update and the screen should now look like this.

    The bottom left of Gtuner should also indicate that the CM is connected and will display the firmware version.

    In cases where you were unable to complete the update, by power loss or other reasons, the ControllerMAX will not work properly. In these situations, connect the ControllerMAX to your computers USB via the PCPROG port, press the reset button on the back of ControllerMAX TWICE with a paperclip to force it to enter into firmware recovery mode and you can then repeat the steps above (the LED will display P - see the LED guide for more info) on and you can then repeat the steps above. You can also follow this guide.

    NOTE: The above will only work if you have a genuine ControllerMAX. It will not work with the old Cronus Device products. We offer a ControllerMAX upgrade service for customers of the other company that have the old devices (Cronus, Cronus H1, Cronus-X, Cronus Xtreme etc). Once you have paid for the upgrade you will probably need to force the Cronus into firmware recovery mode as described above.

    Also feel free to watch this video by one of our loyal users GamerNoobHD

    If you need further help please create your own topic in the correct section, don't ask for support here or it will probably be missed by staff.

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    thx for support.
    fantastic help guide !!!!

    perfectly working
    i've just upgraded from fw-1.41 to fw 1.43 and work properly and perfectly with my gtuner 2.16

    thanks both to you for kind support than to hardstore italy (walter and denny)

    thx you all !!!
    my gameset
    hw: xbox 360&one; ps3; pc
    sw: FM4, FM5; assettocorsa
    device: fanatec gt2rs + clubsport pedal&gearbox
    playseat, onkyo home theatre, LG led 39
    R-power Tube Channel

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    Working perfectly with my 360 TE stick and my XOne.

    I'm well pleased.

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    You guys are the bomb! This is the absolute shizzile that makes my heart go BOOM! Can't wait to try it out not that I have figured out how to use it and map it... heaps good vid on how to - will post results! Xbox controller on PS3 here I come! I don't have the new boxes yet, but am happy that this little device is going to follow me wherever I go :-)

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