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Unleash the full power of your controller !!

CRONUS MAX unleashes the power of your video game controller. The crossover feature allows you use your favorite controller on PS4, XBOX ONE, PS3, XBOX 360 and PC. It also converts your controller into a fully loaded war machine without installing any chip or wires with features such as rapidfire, jitter, quickscope, akimbo, drop shot, fast reload, auto breath and many more. You can also use a keyboard and mouse on your video games console, giving you the edge in popular FPS games such as Advanced Warfare, Destiny, Titanfall, Halo MCC, Call of Duty and many more. The award winning CronusMAX is the worlds most powerful video game controller addon. The CronusMAX comes with it's own software including a library full of feature-packed Gamepacks for many of today's popular titles. There's also a range of plugins so you can create/record/use macros and remap any button or joystick on your controller. Compatible with PS4, XBOX ONE, PS3, XBOX 360 and PC (Limitations apply)

CronusMAX - Turn your controller into a fully Modded Rapid Fire Controller!

Turn your controller into a fully Modded Rapidfire Controller!

Add all your favorite MODs (GamePacks) to your controller without voiding your warranty! Rapid Fire, Anti-Recoil, Auto-Spot, Quick Shot, Jump Shot, Drop Shot, Secondary Rapid Fire, Auto Reload, Easy Sprint and much more! No chips to install, no tools required! With a full selection of MODS at your fingertips. Even if a gamepack or script doesn't exist yet, we have a team of expert developers who will code it for you! CronusMAX is perfect for the gamer looking to add an extra edge to their game.

List of GamePacksScript & GamePack SupportRequest a Custom Script

CronusMAX - CrossOver Gaming - Use virtually ANY controller on ANY console!

CrossOver Gaming - Use virtually ANY controller on ANY console!

Use virtually any controller on any video game console*. Xbox 360 Controller on your Xbox One, Playstation 4 Controller on your Xbox 360, Wiimote Controller on your Playstation 3. The crossover feature allows you use your favorite controller on the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The possibilities are endless! * Limitations may apply. Cross-Over feature is limited on the Playstation 4.

CrossOver Gaming OverviewPS4 Partial Cross-Over SupportXbox One Trigger Rumble Support

CronusMAX - Keyboard & Mouse Support!

Keyboard & Mouse Support!

Would you rather use a Keyboard & Mouse on your console instead of a controller? Using the CronusMAX and the MaxAim Plugin is easy and allows you full control over your games using any keyboard and mouse! MaxAim is able to provide the best as possible mouse translation for console games. You can adjust all existing mouse parameters to achieve a PC like movement. users report a stunning increase in gaming performance - particularly in FPS games such as Call of Duty.

User Submitted Mouse SettingsKBM Community SupportKeyboard & Mouse Gameplay Videos

CronusMAX - Racing Wheel Solutions Including Fanatec & Logitech!

CronusMAX - Racing Wheel Solutions Including Fanatec & Logitech!

Users of Logitech G25 and G27, Fanatec CSR, CSR-E, GT2, GT3, CSR pedals, H Pattern, Seq Shifter etc have embraced the CronusMAX as a God send for all of their racing wheel needs*, saving them hundreds and hundreds of dollars and not having to repurchase hardware for the next generation of consoles - not to mention being able to use their Playstation hardware on Xbox consoles and vice versa. It has become so popular that an entire community was created. *Limitations may apply

Racing Wheel CommunityLogitech G27 Quick GuideFanatec CSR/CSR-E/GT2/GT3 Guide

GTA San Andreas Cheat Pack Released – 83 Cheats !

This game has been out for a while now but we’ve had a few requests due to its recent re-release on the Xbox 360 and PS3. So as we created the cheat packs for both GTA IV and GTA V, here is the GTA San Andreas Cheats Pack – which includes the entire collection of GTA San Andreas In-Game Cheat Codes – a MASSIVE 83 cheats all in one GamePack! You can have up to 12 cheats codes of your choice mapped to your controller AT THE SAME TIME!

This pack contains 83 cheats which can be assigned to 12 buttons. You’ll never have to remember the sequence of buttons again. With a quick press of the assigned button, the CronusMAX will enter the cheat code for you!

Our 54th GamePack, with many more in the works – Enjoy!

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  • Rating

    10 / 10 here !

    If you own a ps3 and prefer an xbox controller, or even use a keyboard and mouse, this is a must to remap your keyboard to a controller. Go buy it now you won't be disappointed !

  • Rating

    Amazing device

    If you're like me and love your PS4 controller but want to use an Xbox One GET THIS you won't be sorry.

  • Rating

    Worth every penny

    The controller feels and performs as it does on the xbox right there on my ps3, awesome job guys, and worth every penny !!!

  • Rating

    Amazing Macro combos

    tested Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. I was able to perform normal & FADC combos with some characters like Ryu and Ken with a single click. Amazing.

  • Rating

    As good as a XIM

    If you are a pc gamer, that needs a pc solution for console, get yourself a ControllerMAX you will not regret it.

  • Rating

    KB & Mouse RULES!

    All I can say playing 10 minutes with ControllerMAX properly configured it felt better then PC....YES I said it even better then PC, it's that smooth.

  • Rating

    Six-Axis 360!

    WOW! I can finally get that six-axis awesomeness on my Xbox 360. The best money I ever spent.

  • Rating

    Beats all rapidfire mods

    I've tried the Intensafire, Godfather even the new Wolf controller. The ControllerMAX beats them hands down and no wires or soldering too. 5 Stars!

  • Rating

    Just perfect!

    I can't believe how much this can do for the price tag - it blew me away. Best controller upgrade ever.