Connecting the ControllerMAX to consoles and PC

The CronusMAX is compatible with Xbox One, Xbox 360 , PlayStation 3 and Windows PC (an Xbox 360 System requires an official licensed wired Xbox 360 controller to authenticate. You can authenticate on the Xbox One using the Xbox One wireless controller and the USB cable).

The CronusMAX can automatically recognize* which console is in use in order to select the right OUTPUT PROTOCOL You can configure this feature in the options menu of the Gtuner software.

*Automatic detection is not enabled for Xbox One yet so you have to manually select XB1 from the dropdown menu if you are using an XB1 console.

In order to use the CronusMAX on Xbox 360 Systems a wired XBox 360 controller is needed, or if you are using the CronusMAX on an Xbox One you can use the Xbox One wireless controller + USB cable to authenticate. To use CronusMAX on a Windows PC you will need to install the official Microsoft driver for the Xbox 360 wired Controller. This same driver can be used with the Xbox One controller when using CronusMAX – now fully working with STEAM with both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Controllers !

Display: Output port state information

The top-left dot
Dot stays ON when the CronusMAX is not plugged into a console
The dot is OFF when CronusMAX is connected.

Showing ‘AU’
Connect a wired XBox 360 controller or Xbox One wireless controller+USB Cable for authentication procedure.

  • Rating

    10 / 10 here !

    If you own a ps3 and prefer an xbox controller, or even use a keyboard and mouse, this is a must to remap your keyboard to a controller. Go buy it now you won't be disappointed !

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    Amazing device

    If you're like me and love your PS4 controller but want to use an Xbox One GET THIS you won't be sorry.

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    Worth every penny

    The controller feels and performs as it does on the xbox right there on my ps3, awesome job guys, and worth every penny !!!

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    Amazing Macro combos

    tested Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. I was able to perform normal & FADC combos with some characters like Ryu and Ken with a single click. Amazing.

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    As good as a XIM

    If you are a pc gamer, that needs a pc solution for console, get yourself a ControllerMAX you will not regret it.

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    KB & Mouse RULES!

    All I can say playing 10 minutes with ControllerMAX properly configured it felt better then PC....YES I said it even better then PC, it's that smooth.

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    Six-Axis 360!

    WOW! I can finally get that six-axis awesomeness on my Xbox 360. The best money I ever spent.

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    Beats all rapidfire mods

    I've tried the Intensafire, Godfather even the new Wolf controller. The ControllerMAX beats them hands down and no wires or soldering too. 5 Stars!

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    Just perfect!

    I can't believe how much this can do for the price tag - it blew me away. Best controller upgrade ever.